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January 28, 2010

Day 17 – Day 23

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Ok I know this is cheating but I have been taking pics but just haven’t had time to download and post. So here they all are for this week 🙂

Day 17

The squatter camp I drive past on the way to Davids house – I really love driving past it – there is always so much activity.

Day 18

Cameron giving Kiara a massage

Day 19

I think we got these from a wedding David and I went too. They are prettier than this picture shows!

Day 20

A closer look at the print on my awesome bag I got for Christmas from David 🙂

Day 21


Day 22

Me. I have had one of those weeks where you realise you have still MORE issues to work through. Its been a little rough in my world – so the picture is blurry on purpose!

Day 23

Chinese Lantern

And that is that!

I am going to try post the pics daily again but this weekend is a crammed full again.

January 21, 2010

Day Sixteen – Teddy

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Yes I know I missed a day – there is a reason but really its not worth it :-p

Todays picture is a Steiff bear that Kiara got for her Christmas from my uncle in Germany. Its pretty hey 🙂

January 19, 2010

Day Fifteen – Words

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Cameron has started getting homework this week. He has to write 3 sentences with these words.

He is doing really so far and comes up with the most creative sentences.

January 18, 2010

Day 14 – Studying

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I started with my assignments tonight. Well I tried to. I lasted about 10 minutes before I was distracted. I am going to try again once the kids are asleep.

January 17, 2010

Day Thirteen – Fun

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We spent the day at the park today 🙂 It was loads of fun. Since I am battling again with pics on Harassedmom – I am loading more than one pic here.

January 16, 2010

Day 12 – Swimming

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The kids have spent alot of time swimming this afternoon 🙂 Its great. Its good exercise for them, keeps them busy and exhausts them.

January 15, 2010

Day Eleven – Tired

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Yes I know I missed yesterday – I was ill :-p

Todays picture is my exhausted child. It has been a very tiring week for us all.

January 13, 2010

Day 10 – School

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It was back to school today and Kiaras first day in Grade 1.

January 12, 2010

Day Nine – Silly

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I was trying to get some photos of Kiara tonight but she was more interested in me taking pictures of the toy.

But I still think this one is kinda cute 🙂

January 11, 2010

Day 8 – Gifts

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Today is Davids birthday and I got home late and was a bit stretched for a photo idea so decided to take one of the towel my mom made him for his birthday 🙂

It came out so lovely.

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